Bar, drinking game and darts

DartsBar, drinking game and darts

Where: The picture was taken in Thurday Party in Hongdae. But there is many darts boards in Hongdae.

What I like about drinking in Seoul is that there is many things to do outside only drinking and talking with friends. Korean custom drinking has many drinking games that can make you drunk really fast. But also games like darts or beer pong.
Try playing Crickets mode, its pretty fun.


Bro’s Burger

Bro's Burger

Bro’s Burger

Where: Around Ewha University Area. Not far from the Megabox Cinema

If you looking for a really good and cheap burger. I recommand trying to find this burger shop around Ewha University area.
If you tired of eating Mcdonald, Burger King of Lotte, this burger is by far better than those big firms.
Street food combined with fast food with good music because the cook is also a DJ.

Glass of Whisky emptied

Glass of WhiskyGlass of whisky 

Where: In Itaewon, at a bar named Thursday party.

Thursday party is a chaine of bar in South Korea. The first bar to open was the one in Busan, near Haeeunday beach.
Then many other bars with the same name open in Seoul and Daegu (ones that I know).
Foreigners like to go to this bar, especially the one in Hongdae and Itaewon.

I especially like the one in Itaewon because it is still brand new and because people there are older and more chill.

Biking near the Han River

Hangang River

Biking near the Han River 한강

Where: At Yeouinaru 여의나루 station.

If you wanna have nice outdoor activities and if the weather is nice, I recommand biking near the Han river.
You will find families, friends and couple relaxing on the grass while having a picnic. You can even order chickens, pizzas and drink delivering i front of the metro station.
Biking doesnt cost much and you pay per hour.

World Cup 2014 – Cheering Experience

World Cup 2014

Cheering for the South Korean team during the World Cup 2014

Where: In the Yonsei main street, in front of Sinchon Uplex.

When I was in Seoul, I had the chance to experience cheering for the korean team during World Cup.
The game was South Korea vs. Algeria. It started at 5:30am to around 7am. What surprised me was the thousand of people reading to cheer for their country at 5:30am. It would never happen in France. Everyone was really supporting their team by chanting, screaming, singing. It was really fun and a really awesome experience.

Koreans are really proud to be koreans. They like to brag about how beautiful girls are (which is true :p), how awesome the food is yummy (true again) and how fun it is there.

No wonder the whole country was cheering for the South Korean football tea during the World Cup.

Hongdae By Night – ‘Hunting Bar’ aka 삼거리 포차

Hongdae Samgoli Pocha

Hongdae by Night and the Hunting Bar

Where: the Hunting Bars aka “i want to meet girls and guys while dining” are mostly located in Hongdae because of the young crowd and many university students.

So what is the concept of the Hunting Bar? Mostly a group of girls/guys get a table and order food and alcohol. When the group of guy likes a group of girl, they go over the girl’s table and discuss with thel while having a drink. If the girls are interested into the guys, they start to combine their table, food and drinks and have fun all night.

You usually have to queue at least 30 mn to 1 hour to get inside on week end (note that the picture was take. On Wednesday night and yet still crowded).
It is open until the next morning and still many people until 6am.

The most popular one is the one located near the main entrance of Hongik University named Samgolli Pocha aka 삼거라 포차.
Located in the three way intersection, it is owned by the famous producer of Big Bang or 2NE1, YG entertainment aka Yang Hyun Suk.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Where: in Gyeongbokgung Palace, in front of the vigorous Gwanghwamun, The Palace is the number one tourist spot in Seoul (probably before Namsan Tower).

The palace is quite big and is a nice place to have a walk. There is a small lake in the middle of the Palace.
During summer, it is open at night and there is some lighting effects.

Behind the Palace, there is the Blue House where the Korean President lives and operates.

Sinchon U-Plex

Sinchon Uplex

Sinchon U-Plex

Where: in Sinchon, on the Yonsei Street. View on the Uplex department store. Sitting in a terrasse cafe.

Sinchon is a dynamic student street filled with bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Really popular among Yonsei university and Ewha students. Also not far from Hongik university.

What you can see there? Usually, many students stay in coffee shops and study over there. At night, bars and restaurants are filled with students and workers.